One of the most important aspects of our school is the student. The development of the college, the implementation of the programs, and the selection of the curriculum are all developed to produce a student who is confident in the things of God. Students of RSM are encouraged and fully expected to:

  • Develop and nurture a continued spiritual relationship with God through daily Bible study, continual prayer, and fasting.

  • Cultivate submissiveness to God and a willingness to be obedient to the Holy Spirit.

  • Acknowledge and act on their authority over spiritual wickedness.

  • Verbally confess the Word of God on a continual basis.

  • Maintain physical well-being by viewing their bodies as temples of God.

  • Abstain from immoral, illicit, abusive, and illegal activities.

  • Understand and interpret the Bible so as to equip them with the knowledge of God and overcome adversity and live a life of victory.

  • Develop mental and spiritual discipline.

  • Practice the "Love Walk" and live peaceable with others.

  • Seek God and desire the things of God.

  • Walk in the power and authority of Jesus.

  • Cultivate the gift of God, which is in them and to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.


RSM is a Christian school, which offers a lifestyle of personal commitment to Jesus Christ as an essential component to evangelistic outreach. The student must recognize this about our school and endeavor to exemplify an attitude of excellence and maintain the highest level of respect for the aim and purpose of the school.

The Student Honor Pledge is listed in the Student's Handbook. Each student should read it attentively to ensure that he/she can wholeheartedly adhere to its contents.


RSM works to provide a safe and positive atmosphere conducive to learning. Therefore, the following code of conduct is to be observed at all times:

  1. All students enrolled at our school are representatives of this school and are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner both on and off campus.

  2. We are a smoke free, drug free, and alcohol-free environment; therefore, all students must abstain from the use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol in the building or anywhere on the grounds.

  3. The school opposes open displays of affection with fellow students of the opposite sex while on campus or at any school sponsored event.

  4. Profanity, cheating, stealing, dishonesty, gambling, and destruction of property are not permitted.

  5. Students must refrain from perverse, lewd or obscene conversation and behavior.

  6. Students must refrain from passing on inaccurate information, tale bearing, and backbiting.

  7. Students’ attire is to be conservative: similar to attire worn to work in an office setting.

  8. Students are not allowed to minister to other students by laying hands on them, prophesying or counseling.

  9. All cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off during the class period, unlessused for note taking. Messages can be checked during breaks. Students will be dismissed from their class if a cell phone goes off during the class period. Repeat offenses will result in probation, suspension, or other administrative action.

  10. Acts of hazing and blatant violations of student’s personal being and/or property are expressly forbidden and will result in the immediate dismissal from school. Criminal charges will be filed.