RSM is broken up into courses. Each course will focus on a subject matter and will be offered monthly for four nights. Each night is 3 classroom sessions. A course will include 12 hours of classroom instruction held on Monday nights. Students MUST attend at least one weekend service at River Church as a part of their training. Attendance will be taken at the weekend services. Students MUST complete all requirements as outlined in the course syllabus. Students are encouraged to attend Tuesday night prayer, Wednesday night Mid-Week Service and Thursday night Bible Studies as well as all special events and REVIVAL services.


Attendance is required during all class times on Monday nights. Chapel and announcements are considered part of class time and are mandatory.


Students are required to attend either Sunday morning and/or the Sunday evening service as well as be involved in various outreaches. Failure to attend these special events will constitute grounds for probation, suspension, or other administrative action.


It is the desire of the RSM to see each student achieve and perform at his/her highest level academically. Our school is committed to providing academic programs and services to assist the student in the learning process. However, the student bears the responsibility for his/her personal academic success. All students must maintain satisfactory progress in order to continue as an active student in any programs of study. The school reserves the right to dismiss or discontinue enrollment of students based on unsatisfactory academic performance or conduct unbecoming of a student.


Academic integrity means honesty and responsibility pertaining to assignments and exams. Assignments and exams are assigned to determine growth and understanding in the student’s learning experience. Grades exist in order to show how fully this goal is attained. Therefore, all work and grades should result from the student’s own study, understanding, work, and effort.


Students must maintain a minimum 2.00 grade point average (GPA) in their courses while actively enrolled. A course receiving a final grade of “F” is considered a failing grade. If a student receives a failing grade, they will not obtain credit for that individual course and must seek a remedial action plan as listed in the Student's Handbook.