RSM strives to keep tuition affordable and offers several payment options to assist you. Below is a list of the fees, tuition, and other related charges. The full course tuition is charged to the student at the onset of each course. Payment installments are available.


Tuition fee per person per course $150
Tuition fee per married couples per course $200

This fee includes tuition and books. All tuition fees are paid in advance when registering for acourse. If payment installments are arranged, the tuition fee must be paid in full in order to takethe final examination for the registered course.


Application Fee (Due with submitted Application and is non-refundable)
First time students $50.00 (Includes: ID, Registration, etc.)
Returning students $50.00

Graduation Fee $250.00 (Includes: Cap & Gown, Diploma, Banquet, etc.)

Banquet Fee (Non-graduating Students/Guests) $50.00

Original Diploma/Certificate Fee $100.00 (For students who have not participated in a graduation ceremony)

Replacement Student ID $20.00

Official Transcript - Standard (allow 30 days) $10.00
Official Transcript - Expedited (allow 5-7 business days) $35.00

Replacement Diploma or Certificate (allow 30 days) $25.00

Returned Check Fee $25.00

Administrative Credit Transfer Fee $100.00

All prices are subject to change without notification.


Digital textbooks are included in tuition costs. Printed paperback or hardcover textbook are not provided, the student bears the responsibility of acquiring their own printed textbook outlined in each course syllabus.

Students are responsible to keep accounts current. Students whose accounts are not paid by established due dates may not attend class any day thereafter until tuition/fee payment is made in full or communication has been made with the Administration Office for other arrangements.

Cash, money orders, personal checks, ministry checks, business checks, Zelle, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards for the amount of the tuition payment are accepted.

Students who have sponsors paying their tuition must be aware of due dates. It is the student’s responsibility to check with sponsors or the Administrative Office to verify payment. Tuition may be paid at any time corresponding with the Administration’s Office hours on or before the payment due date.


Each course is paid in advance and once a student has been enrolled in a course and paid the course tuition fee, there will be no refunds on any full or partial payment.


At this time, we do not offer any student loans, grants, or other financial assistance. Students are responsible for all costs. Payment installments are available to assist the student with tuition/fee payments.

Scholarships are available. Any scholarships offered are at the discretion of the President of RSM. Students who receive a scholarship must follow scholarship guidelines and will be evaluated each course on an individual basis. Students on scholarship must be in good academic standing, have satisfactory attendance and active participation in the ministry of helps in order to maintain their scholarships.


If a check is returned from the bank because of insufficient funds, the student will receive a call from the Administration Office of RSM. No additional checks can be written to the college until all monies, including the $25.00 returned check fee, have been paid. A student may also be subject to disqualification from enrollment until all monies have been paid. If a student has a history a returned check, that student will not be permitted to write any checks to RSM.