Registration is held prior to the start of each course during the academic year. Students must complete all admissions requirements prior to registration. During registration, students are photographed for their student ID, given access to our student information and learning management system called Populi, enrolled into their course, presented text books, registered for Ministry of Helps, instructed about soulwinning labs, and finances are settled.


Orientation is mandatory for all students (new and inactive returning). Orientation is designed to acquaint the student with the objectives, plan, and purpose of RSM and to discuss the college administrative policies and procedures.


Students who leave in good standing may possibly return to active status at a later date. If a student violates or varies from the standards set by our school or River Church as a whole, RSM reserves the right to revoke any such students’ degree. Any student having an outstanding balance will be prohibited from re-admission to this institution until all accounts are settled. Any student who has been expelled from school for disciplinary reasons will be denied re-admission until approval has been granted by the President of the college.
Students in good standing who desire to return to school after an absence or after interrupted education will be considered returning students. These students need to complete the returning student application and pay the required course tuition, textbook and other fees.