The vision of the River School of Ministry (RSM) is “training a new breed of revivalist.” 

We offer a special training program to prepare men and women for the ministry. We believe that the greatest need in the body of Christ in this day is men and women of God who are carriers of the Anointing of God. 

We focus on training people for the practical work of the ministry. We offer hands on training in the ministry as well as instruction in the Word of God.Instruction is given through live classroom instruction and/or video instruction. 

Application part of the training includes hands on voluntary ministry at River Church West Palm Beach and various evangelism outreaches. Other hands-on training includes personal discipleship and instruction.

Many schools only give head knowledge, but in this time and hour we need believers full of the Word and full of the anointing of God. These come only by impartation into the heart of the believer. 

When you become a carrier of the anointing of God and the Word of God inside of you, you can go anywhere in the world and you will be carrying the ministry with you.

RSM is designed to teach you to carry the ministry, the Word and the power in you.